Poo Bags


Why do people leave poo bags hanging from trees or laying in the undergrowth?  This is actually worse than just leaving the poo where their dog has deposited it.  Plastic is the scourge of wildlife as was shown on the recent David Attenborough inspired documentary 'Drowning in Plastic'  At least if the poo is left open to the elements, it will break down naturally, a food source for insects, whereas left in a bag, it's waiting until the bag eventually breaks down or gets eaten by an animal.  This image below shows the contents of a stag that was culled as it was extremely thin, its ribs showing and yet its stomach was bulging. Basically, it had eaten numerous plastic bags that had clogged up its digestive system.

This of course then opens up the debate about using plastic poo bags.  Why, when we are being urged to cut back on plastic are we then being encouraged to use plastic poo bags?  What happens to all the poo bags that are collected?  In most cases, the bags end up buried in a landfill site where over time they slowly degrade  - plastic bags can take hundreds of years to degrade.  The obvious answer is to not use plastic bags but look for alternatives such as bags made partly of corn starch which are certified fully biodegradable and home compostable, a quick search on Amazon found these.  There are other solutions including flushable poo bags, composting in your garden or even dog loos for your garden. 

Whatever you do, please do not leave poo bags hanging from branches like some form of Christmas decoration!  Use a Poo Bin or take it home with you.