Meet Ziggy, our family pet.  She knows exactly what a dog needs so you can ask her anything at askziggy@dogsallowed.info

Before you do that, here are some of the more common questions....

What happens if I change my mind and don't want to allow dogs anymore?  We will send you a replacement sticker FOC and change your listing on the website.  Just because you don't allow dogs doesn't mean you shouldn't promote your shop with us.  People will still want to visit, they will just need to plan accordingly.

What else can I do to encourage dog owners to visit my shop?  Have a bowl of water on the pavement outside-always a good idea on hot days.  Also, why not have a container of dog treats available? Ziggy will drag us into a shop if she knows treats are available!

What should I do if a dog wees or poos in my shop? Be sympathetic with the dog owner, they will be embarrassed enough as it is.  Have a disinfectant spray, kitchen roll and supply of poo bags to hand to deal with the incident effectively. 

Can I use the Dogs Allowed logo on my website or Facebook page?  Yes of course, the scheme is about letting people know where you stand with dogs.  Also, its good for us to spread the word!